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Mix exactly one drop of liquid dish detergent for every one ounce of water in a clean squirt bottle.

Clean any loose debris or chalkiness from the boat surface to be lettered.

Measure up or down using level reference points on the transom or hull and make two marks, then draw a base line connecting the marks with the included washable marker. Step back to make sure the line on the transom / hull looks good from a distance.

Lay boat graphics face down on a level, clean dry surface. Slowly peel waxy paper away from boat  the graphics. Do not allow exposed adhesives to contact anything until wet. Spray sticky side of boat graphics until soaked & spray the hull / transom where graphics will go. The water will not reduce adhesives performance once it dries.

Stretching the boat graphics from both ends, line up the edge of the paper with your base line marks in a straight line. Make sure the boat graphic is exactly where you want it before the next step.

Squeegee very firmly from center outward and back & forth for 20-30 seconds using the included squeegee.

Wait 10 minutes and slowly peel away paper.

If the edges of the lettering lift as you peel the paper away, squeegee the paper back down and wait 10 more minutes before peeling away paper. Once the paper is peeled away, you will have a perfectly spaced boat name for many years to come.

Use safety pin or needle to pop any noticeable bubbles.

Never allow power buffing over name.  

Note: Boat lettering 3” high and smaller may be applied “dry” (without soapy water). Position like you would a bumper sticker and squeegee down. You will have only one chance to position the graphic correctly once it touches the surface. Use “dry” application at your own risk.



Read labels and follow precautions on any chemical container before opening.

Using a razor blade holder/scraper at a 20-30 degree angle, carefully lift a corner or edge of the letter just enough to get a firm finger grip and pull the piece gently away from the transom / hull. If you can pull a couple of square inches or more away before the it breaks, repeat this process until completely removed. With any luck, most of the adhesive will pull away with the vinyl graphic layer.

If the vinyl boat graphic is very old, it will break off instantly when you grip and pull so you may need to scrape off the entire name. At an sharp angle, carefully pierce the corner of the blade in between the edge of the old boat letter and the boat hull without digging into the boat paint or gel coat. Use a sliding motion with the corner of the blade to slice or "unzip" the vinyl away from the boat, separating 1/4"-1/8" of material per stroke. Patiently, repeat this motion until the vinyl layer is completely removed. Caution: The blade could snap unexpectedly so wear hand and eye protection. Older boat graphics will also need the adhesive removed from the transom / hull.

Using Goof-Off, Goo Gone, 3M or any other adhesive remover and a rag, dab a small area of the remaining adhesive from the old boat name with the adhesive remover and scrape immediately with the razor/scraper. It may get a bit messy but repeat dabbing-scraping-wiping, dabb-scrape-wipe until all  the adhesive is removed. Clean area with water or alcohol. You are now ready to apply your new boat name.